Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy, or A.U.R.A. is a self-healing hypnosis technique/past-life regression that incorporates practices of Quantum Alchemy and Angelic Energies. Quantum Alchemy is an integration of ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work. This unique process creates a deep connection to higher realms where we can connect with your higher self and spirit guides to provide deep soul healing and gain the answers you seek to help you with your journey here on Earth.

An AURA session generally takes 4-5 hours in which you may visit various past or future lives for your highest healing and have the opportunity to ask questions to your Higher Self. 


In preparation for your session, you’ll come up with a list of questions and healing requests for your Higher Self and Guides. There’s no limit to what can be addressed.


Here are some examples of what one might bring to a session:

  • What is my soul’s purpose and mission?

  • What are my galactic origins?

  • What career path would allow me to best express my gifts and create abundance?

  • Why did I experience a certain trauma or illness in this life?

  • Questions regarding supernatural or mysterious experiences 

  • Questions regarding karmic connections with specific individuals (family, partner, friend, etc.)


You may also heal/clear any blockages and non-organic energies held within your body and auric field such as: 

  • physical illnesses/disease 

  • negative programming 

  • blocked/misaligned chakras  

  • negative cords 

  • negative implants

  • hooks

  • portals

  • entities

  • contracts 

  • traumas from current or past lives


Note: Foreign energies, entities & technologies may enter your energetic field/body through past lives, sexual partners, traumatic events, abductions, drug use, etc.

Your A.U.R.A. Practitioners: 
Dezi Solèy & Ev Marquee


Dezi Solèy (left) is a prizmatic artist dedicated to co-creating embodiments of the Divine through film, theater, performance & healing. 


Ev Marquee (right) is a Healing Artist specializing in photography, storytelling and Goddess Veneration.


Ev & Dezi have been certified in A.U.R.A. (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) by Rising Phoenix Aurora.

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