Having never had one [AURA healing session], I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first AURA reading. I feel like it was everything I ever wanted from a healing and more. 

Dezi opened and sustained a space that felt safe and most importantly,

self-lead in exploration, discovery and healing. Her guidance offers so much more than a cleanse. She extends a ladder into the source of wonder and being-ness and then bolsters your ascent the way the belayer reinforces a rock climber.


Never infringing, just supporting. She asked all the right questions. 

I’m grateful and truly honored to have had such comprehensive exploration and healing alongside Dezi Solèy. I’ll carry it forever. She’s a wonderful guide, intuit and healer.




After my session I felt the shift slowly being integrated as the reconnection to the soul deepened with the days going by. They have been awake meditations, as every moment is refreshed and new with no weight of expectation, leaving no room for thoughts to enter that are dissonant from what I value. Every moment being organically my own, freeing my auric field of unwanted energies, or contracts that no longer serve me in this lifetime; releasing blocks like no other. 


Ultimately, understanding my cosmic timeline as a whole, allowed for more grounding and comprehension of the passion behind what drives self truths. It also influenced the desire for dense foods, and low energetic loops to slowly disintegrate (something I had been working towards). 


Ev created the space for allowing my higher self to heal me in this form, and pull from the ether with ease, to crystalize an untainted pleasant reality that serves my highest good. Under hypnosis, the connection to the forces beyond us never felt easier to call on, or warmer to hear in return. This was mind blowing, and another path to unlocking our multidimensional selves in this third dimensional plane; enabling massive healing within one lifetime. So grateful for this experience and would highly recommend it in a quick breath! I thank ev and desi all the time for this gift to humanity. 


Beyond Grateful, Love and Light 


We’ve seen the awakening revolution happening, and with that have been revealed all kinds of healing methods to aid in self- confronting. Each day passing it becomes deeper, and it’s often a painful and uncomfortable process. Because of this, it is easy to neglect little parts of ourselves that need addressing. Within the different modalities I’ve used to self heal, I’ve noted that though there may be plenty of big changes on the outside, there are subtleties that still feel disregarded. Those are the ones that form cycles easily overlooked, as they seem to become “us”. Having an AURA healing session has helped me acknowledge those subtleties.

Room and support was made for me to be with myself, which I could feel through Ev’s guidance and tenderness, and from my own internal energy. Feeling seen without judgement, discomforts become more willing to experience themselves. Afterwards each day aspects of me that had not fully cleared have come up to be let go. I’ve reinforced the practice of sitting with myself before bed and upon waking, and it’s developed the health of my dreams. My writers block has been clearing and I’ve been able to flow more. Ive noticed how much more room I feel to receive and hold space for others, especially women, and to trust myself in my intuition. I’ve had confidence to share with distant family about things I’ve been afraid to “bother” them with. I’m still working through things, but I find confidence and honesty with myself ripening. I feel supported in carrying out my purpose.


Few words can describe the appreciation I feel towards the sisters that have facilitated this clearing. I feel like so many people need that kind of space held; I’m deeply grateful I’ve been able to experience it.


Group A.U.R.A

I had the honor of collaborating with Ev and Dezi for a one-day virtual retreat I had planned. I was so moved by my one-on-one A.U.R.A session with Ev that I HAD to invite her and Dezi to share their magic with my clients and students. As a fellow Healer and Facilitator, myself, I love introducing my people to fellow true authentic practitioners who embody the wisdom they preach.


Ev and Dezi did a group A.U.R.A session that included past life regression, energetic clearing, and a meeting with your higher self. The attendees and I were regressed through Ev’s guidance, while Dezi facilitated the healing. Not only did I receive insightful messages, including what I was to speak about at the end of the retreat as a closing ceremony,

I also felt completely energized and rejuvenated; my body was tingling all over!


Everyone’s experience exceeded their expectations tenfold, as we all journeyed far and expansive into various realms of consciousness. Ev and Dezi work very well as a team and I really appreciate their symbiotic chemistry. I will definitely be collaborating with them again in the future for in-person retreats and other virtual workshops.

If you feel called to experience their teaching and medicine, I highly recommend not thinking twice about it. I didn’t.

-Joshua D.